AWR Annual Offering – March 11


“Your biblical messages are turning out to be a great blessing for me; my faith is strengthened. I want my children to grow up for Jesus.”

Every day, around the world, people from all walks of life are listening to Adventist World Radio and responding to messages of God’s love.

“I am a student in the Middle East .…”

“I come from a poor family in Vietnam ….”

“More neighbors in my Maasai community are joining me every day ….”

They contact us to share the feeling of comfort and hope they have found, and describe the transformation God has brought to their lives.

AWR truly is a frontline ministry. Whether people are hearing the gospel through our shortwave, AM/FM, on demand, or podcast programs, God is using our broadcasts to carry His love directly into people’s homes and hearts.

We invite you to partner with us – especially during our annual offering on March 11 – in introducing Christ to those who have never heard His name. AWR is your mission radio!

While church members may support AWR through offerings given at their local church, many choose to send their gifts directly online or to AWR’s headquarters office in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. This enables us to send direct receipts for each gift (U.S. residents), and to share regular reports on the results of AWR’s ongoing ministry.


We have a wealth of resources you can use to publicize the offering in your local church.

These include digital ads, offering poster, bulletin announcements, pulpit reading, and more.

Thank you for your efforts!



To take a closer look at just one region where AWR’s broadcasts are flourishing, check out our slideshow below of the people and landscapes of central and eastern Kenya. Here, pastors are scarce, transportation is slow, and electricity is a luxury. Wikwatyo FM 105.3 (in Kitui) and Sheki FM 106.6 (in Mombasa) are the primary connection between thousands upon thousands of listeners and the Adventist gospel message.

To learn even more, read our stories of how Martha and Esther are heading up the construction of a whole church building right in their back yard, how Francis and Angeline have started their own congregation and are serving as lay leaders, and how a group of newly-baptized Adventists is meeting under a cashew tree and looking forward to the day when they can have their own church to worship in.

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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