Drawn to Jesus Through the Sabbath

The first message we received from Susan was a prayer request. She asked for prayers of protection for her family and that she might find a church that worships on the Sabbath. But let’s back up a little . . .

Susan lives in Ireland and is married with three beautiful children. She started reading the Bible a few years ago and decided to give her heart to Jesus. That is already a miracle in itself, and yet only the beginning of our story. 

She kept studying the Bible and came to Exodus 20:8-11, the Sabbath commandment. It gripped her from the moment she read it. 

In June of last year, she came upon a YouTube prophecy series called Unlocking Bible Prophecies. Her interest was piqued even more when she heard the speaker—Cami Oetman—talking about the Sabbath day. 

Finally, she sent AWR the message mentioned earlier. Other messages, Bible questions and prayer requests followed, and of course, we wanted to help her with her initial request to find a church! The nearest ones were about two hours away using public transportation, so we wanted to find a sustainable way for her to be a part of a church family. 

Susan agreed that we could give her contact information to one of the pastors. A short time later, we received a message from Pastor Adam, who told us they had connected online.

Susan now takes part in AWR360° Center of Digital Evangelism Zoom Bible studies—provided her Internet connection is working!—and is already integrated into the online church services as well as online prayer meetings at the local church. She instantly made new friends and felt at home. 

Finally, after many months of waiting, in August 2021, her desire for baptism became a reality! The day of her baptism dawned with dark grey skies. Rain poured down, reminding everyone of the hymn that says, “there shall be showers of blessings.” 

The members were thrilled with the testimonies of Susan and five others baptized that day. God had indeed led them to discover His truth and answers for their lives! 

Susan told us that she has also been able to share her testimony in churches of other denominations. It is incredible to see how God is using her and multiplying the blessings of one changed life. First, Susan was just another contact. Then she became our friend, and now she is our sister in Christ, a co-missionary for the gospel! 

It is her wish that her whole family be grounded in Jesus, and we know that God will continue to guide and use her mightily.

By May and John (AWR360° CDE)

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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