Save the Date for Ukraine

Chernivtsi, Ukraine

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AWR has visited Ukraine and met with the conference and union leaders. We have seen the lines of people at a local park where they each received a bag of canned goods. We have heard the stories of the hardships refugees have experienced and are continuing to encounter as they’ve fled from Eastern Ukraine and moved to Western Ukraine, in addition to the many who have moved out of the country. We have seen where the refugees have taken shelter and have felt the love local leaders there have shared with their fellow countrymen.

The refugees living in Ukraine are still in great need and the leaders are so appreciative that AWR360° Health volunteers are willing to come and be part of the blessing the refugees need at this time in their lives.

We are inviting all medical professionals and non-medical volunteers to join us September 17-25, 2023, in Chernivtsi, Ukraine where we’ll hold a 4-day medical clinic.

We need non-medical volunteers to help in various areas, such as:

• Sharing a smile and a hug with people while they are waiting in line to register
• Blessing others with the gift of music
• Working as a handyman/woman, assisting with setup and teardown
• Giving health talks
• Telling children’s stories
• Cooking with the local kitchen workers

. . . plus a number of other tasks required to run a successful medical clinic.

Please pray about joining us in sharing the love of Jesus through medical evangelism. We look forward to working side by side with you.

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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