Finding Hope Through a Digital Door

The Bible says in Matthew 7:7, “Knock, and the door will be opened for you.”

Unfortunately, the practice of going and knocking on doors to find spiritually thirsty people can feel challenging nowadays. 

However, through our AWR360° CDE (Center for Digital Evangelism), missionaries knock on digital doors—seeking to pray for people and offer Bible studies. A few months ago, a woman named Prisha* (name has been changed), who is from a remote village in India, knocked on the CDE’s digital door. 

She came with a desperate prayer request for her two sons. She said one was physically sick and the other was possessed by demons. Prisha had tried everything to help her sons, but nothing had worked. She felt utterly helpless. 

Somewhere, she had heard about the Adventist Church and how they would pray for people. Prisha decided to find an Adventist to pray for her family. To her dismay, she discovered that the closest Adventist church was too far away for her to take her sons. 

However, she did find a phone number to call, which connected her with one of our CDE missionaries. Surender gladly took the call and listened sympathetically to her deep concerns for her boys. He was able to share God’s truth and pray for her and her sons. Then God did what only God can do. With just that initial call, the Holy Spirit filled the entire family with peace.

After being in contact via phone for a while, Surender started to study the Bible with Prisha’s entire family via Zoom. Eventually, he was able to contact a local pastor and a couple of Adventist laymen who agreed to go and visit this precious family. 

Prisha and her family gratefully received them into their home. These kind, compassionate Adventists visited and prayed for the entire family. Then Prisha’s neighbors showed up and invited the Adventists to their home to pray over their family. More families are now showing an interest in the God of the Bible. On July 29, this family and others (17 in total) were baptized. Praise the Lord! 

AWR tries its best to reach people personally by connecting them with local church members, but often, the initial contact is through radio or YouTube. At the CDE, young missionaries are blessed to be a part of that digital door, and people are knocking daily, looking for comfort, prayer, answers and especially for Jesus. 

The story for Prisha, her family and her neighbors is not over. Please pray for them as they continue to grow in their newly-found faith.

By Surender Kumar

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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