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Why reconciliation matters - part 1


Reconciliation and forgiveness are similar, and they are so interrelated that sometimes we can confuse the two.

Reconciliation goes beyond forgiveness. It assumes a broken relationship. When we forgive someone, there’s no guarantee that we will have a restored relationship. Yes, we may say we’ve forgiven them, but we remain estranged. Reconciliation, however, rekindles the relationship.

Forgiveness may be one-sided, but reconciliation requires willing parties on both sides.

That’s easier said than done, but it is vital to our well-being. If we’re unwilling to forgive others, then we have no reason to expect that God will forgive us.

Reconciliation with God, family members and friends in this broken world is our ultimate need.

Join Dr. Lela Lewis and her guests, Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel and Pastor John Lomacang, for this inspirational and healing topic. Let’s discover the essence of forgiveness and reconciliation and improve our health, relationships and spirituality.

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