Her Favorite Color

Do you have a favorite color? I know of a person whose favorite color is red, and God used it uniquely. This story reveals God’s creativity in trying to get our attention.

Elita (name changed) lives in Fiji and works in a hotel. She had heard about God in her childhood and had longed to know more, but she never got a chance, as her surroundings were not very conducive to being a Christian.

One day, while working in one of the hotel rooms, she found a red book in the cupboard, forgotten. The color naturally appealed to her, so she picked it up and took a closer look. It turned out that this was a special book—not only because of the color, but because it was a Bible. Her childhood desire to learn more about God reignited, and she started to read.

Finding out about the love of God and salvation in Jesus satisfied her longing. Her family disapproved of her newfound joy and hope. They didn’t want her to talk about God or believe in Him, but she held fast to her new Best Friend. When Covid cases rose in Fiji, gatherings were forbidden, which separated Elita from other believers. Sometimes she would use the family cell phone to look for videos online to listen to sermons, or look for inspiring posts on Facebook.

One day, a shared post from the Adventist World Radio (AWR) Facebook page asking for prayer requests showed up in her feed, which she clicked on to respond and send her first prayer request.

She also started chatting with AWR volunteers from the Center for Digital Evangelism on Facebook Messenger and had many conversations. AWR volunteers shared Inspire 360° audio messages with her, as well as the link to an online Bible study course.

She shared that the written prayers and the chat conversations were a blessing to her. And additional seeds were sown when a volunteer told her about the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Maybe you can relate to Elita and feel alone at times because you lack a spiritual community in your life, and your immediate surroundings don’t support your faith. Be assured that God will never abandon you. He even knows your favorite color, and will make a way for you to grow closer to Him.

By Jhai

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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