Godpods for Afghanistan

AWR360° has a unique and potentially time-sensitive opportunity. At the moment, the Afghanistan border is porous and we are able to cross it carrying Godpods in two different languages. We haven’t been able to do this in a very long time, so we are urgently trying to provide at least 4,000 Godpods to people in this warn-torn country while this window remains open.

Behind prison walls or inside battered homes in a war-torn nation, people are searching for something to bring peace, hope and healing. The Bible says “come unto Me,” yet they don’t know where to find the Author of Peace.

When you sponsor a Godpod, you are providing true freedom and peace to many remote areas—including locations that airwaves and missionaries may not be able to reach. We’ve even heard of places where children can recite books of the Bible word for word as a result of these devices!

These Godpod messages have melted the hearts of hardened assassins, and brought entire villages together as they gather around to listen to the Word. Thanks to the Godpod’s rugged design and solar charging, these devices can last many years—providing people in remote areas with a nonstop connection to their Savior.

For only $40, you can sponsor a Godpod for those in Afghanistan who are longing to hear the Word of God.

Disclaimer: Funds received in excess of the goal amount will be put toward similar projects, or where needed most.