Reaching Cuba Once Again

For the past decade or more, AWR did not have broadcasts going to Cuba. But we kept the people’s needs in mind, especially since Cuba has special challenges for evangelism, compared to other countries in the Americas region.

By God’s grace, AWR programs are once more being heard through much of the island, thanks to broadcasts from neighboring Dominican Republic. This spring, the AWR affiliate AM station there began testing a signal for Cuba, which is reaching the central and southern parts of the country.

This initiative requires a strong financial commitment from AWR. Electrical service in the Dominican Republic can be erratic, and fuel is expensive, making it costly to run the generator for the AM equipment. Currently, the station is on the air for approximately seven hours a day.

Since the Dominican programs are designed for listeners in their own country, they can sometimes be less relevant for Cuban listeners. So AWR is hoping to locate potential producers in Cuba itself and arrange training for them. The new programs will be broadcast on shortwave from Florida and cover all of Cuba. The old AWR studio in Cuba still exists, so with some new equipment and training, it should not take long to become operational.

Although we need to be discreet about the people involved in making this outreach possible, we thank them for their efforts in bringing the message of hope to millions of potential listeners in Cuba.


Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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