Rebirth From a Long-Forgotten Radio

Nanay Angelina lives in the Philippines. One day during lockdown, she said, “I feel a deep sadness and hopelessness. There is a blank space inside me that needs filling.”

She busied herself doing household chores until a familiar object caught her attention while she was sorting the junk in her storage room: a worn-out radio. She checked to see if the radio still worked and was surprised to find it did. However, to her dismay, it could not receive a clear radio frequency.

After troubleshooting, she finally heard a sound from the radio and realized it was a religious program. She said, “I was fascinated with the program, because it offered a complete package of biblical insights, heavenly music and encouraging promises.”

That very moment, she knew in her heart that she had found something special. The radio program captivated her and she held it up to her ears. She discovered that she was listening to 95.7 Adventist World Radio (Urdaneta).

These programs not only encouraged her, but also ignited curiosity within her, until she phoned the radio broadcaster, Pastor Ezekiel, and asked him to come visit her to do a series of Bible study lessons.

This was remarkable, because Nanay had a reputation for not being interested in religious material. She said, “In the past, Bible workers from other denominations were persistent in visiting me and asking if I wanted Bible studies, but I refused to entertain them.”

Convinced that the Holy Spirit had impressed her to finally find the truth through the radio, she experienced a change of heart to the point that she became convinced that what she was hearing was the truth. She delighted in the Bible study lessons and did not want them to end. From then on, the Bible studies continued and she decided to give her life to Jesus.

On January 9, 2021, Nanay surrendered her life to the Lord through a baptism ceremony at the Paurido Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The past year may have brought about many challenges, but to Nanay, the “new normal” was a catalyst in helping her find her purpose in Jesus.

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