In Their Own Words

A Heritage of Giving

Leon and Doris Sanders have made their retirement home in the small southwest Utah town of St. George. Leon said, “We chose St. George because when I was treasurer of the Wyoming Conference and we were traveling on vacation to visit loved ones in Southern California, this was the first town we came to without snow!” (Of course, the day AWR met with the couple, it was snowing in St. George!)

Both Leon and Doris’ parents served the Seventh-day Adventist Church, so it’s not surprising that the couple met at a camp meeting where both sets of their parents were working. Leon invited Doris to the first banquet of the school year at Union College and the rest is history.

Both Leon and Doris are certified public accountants, with extensive knowledge of church organizations, so they appreciate how AWR uses its donated funds to spread the Gospel worldwide.

When asked why they became sustaining AWR supporters, Leon gave a few reasons. First, he recalled the memorable 1971 General Conference session in which AWR was established. He also mentioned how excited his parents had been about AWR’s Guam radio project—so much so that Leon ensured a portion of his inheritance went to AWR in memory of his parents. In addition, the couple has known and worked closely with two AWR presidents, Dowell Chow and Duane McKey, and have always had great confidence in the dedicated leadership of both men.
And finally, Leon said, “This is frontline evangelism! We like giving where the action is—where the world is receiving the message of Jesus’ coming, even in countries closed to traditional missionary outreach.”

Leon and Doris give to AWR every year, and have remembered AWR generously in their estate plan. Doris explained, “We like the idea that every dollar goes directly to evangelism.”

Would you like to join this couple in partnering in frontline evangelism? One of our planned giving field representatives is available to sit down with you in your home, answer your questions, and assist you with a plan to lay up treasure in heaven.

By Jeff Wilson
Planned Giving Representative

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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