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Chinle Students Inspired by Mission

The small Seventh-day Adventist church and school in the heart of the Navajo Indian Reservation in northeastern Arizona resides on the edge of the small town of Chinle (population 4,518). Less than two miles away is the entrance to the spectacular Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

Last fall, retired former AWR president Ben Schoun and his wife, Carol, were on vacation, heading for the Monument, when Ben spied the church’s highway sign. The couple made a U-turn and drove a mile down a twisting dirt road shaded by giant cottonwood trees. They were delighted to meet the pastor, a former student of Ben’s at Andrews University Seminary. Pastor Dale Wolcott invited the Schouns to look in on the mission school next door. Ben didn’t need any encouragement to share several inspiring AWR soul-winning stories with the 14 Navajo children.

When I “just happened to stop in” on an itinerary a few months later, while visiting partners in Arizona, the students and their teacher, Rebecca Heinrich, had a surprise.

Inspired by Ben’s stories of how AWR reaches the unreached people in the most dangerous and repressive countries around the world, the children had enthusiastically been collecting money for months.

They handed me a business envelope containing 35 one-dollar bills and a five-dollar bill, totaling $40! This was enough to purchase an Ambassador – a solar-powered audio player packed with sermons and Bible studies, destined for a remote village inside the 10/40 window.

A mission school giving to missions: what an inspiring idea!

The students hope their example will inspire other schools to follow in their lead. Interested teachers may call 800-337-4297 to request a free AWR catalog listing almost a score of exciting yet affordable soul-winning projects.

by Jeff Wilson, Assistant to the President for Planned Giving

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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