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I Know My God Now

This young writer is such a regular AWR listener in Nepal that if the daily half-hour program does not come on the air on his local FM station, he will phone to ask what is happening.

Hi, I am Famous Niravla, a resident of Inaruwa, Sunsari. I am 13 years old, and I study in an English school.

During my holidays, I was tuning in to the radio, and I unknowingly tuned in to the Voice of Hope program.

At the beginning in Nepal, there was only one religion. No other God or religious activities were known or heard. I didn’t know so much about other religions; that’s why I felt the program was quite entertaining and different. After that, whenever I got the chance, I used to listen to this program. It became a friend of mine.

However, I am confused whether I should call this program my friend or my teacher, because this program has told me a lot about life and human civilization. After listening to this program, my living style, behaviors, habits have changed unknowingly. My friends, my neighbors, and my family members often ask me how these positive and good changes have occurred in me, which I reply to with a gentle smile. I feel as if I have finally found a real Father/God, because I got the opportunity to listen to the [instructor] of life.

Listening to the divine speeches of Jesus through the sweet, pure, and simple language of Pastor Umesh Pokharel in my own mother language, I ran out of words to explain my joy. For me, the value of Voice of Hope is more than a dish full of delicious and sweet fruit or a cupboard full of luxurious clothes.

Before listening to this program, I had no interest in God and religion, but after listening to this program I had no interest in irreligious activities. I know my God now. I got the opportunity to listen to the divine speech and direction given by Jesus to human beings in my own mother language. The changes which have occurred in me are the result of the divine speeches.

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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