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Project Highlight: Churches for Papua New Guinea

Imagine being a part of a church committee and discussing how you want to grow the church in your city. You plan an evangelistic series and church members start praying for those they want to reach.

But then you’re hit with the realization that, if all those you’re praying for and inviting actually come to the meetings and make decisions for baptism, there would not be enough space for them in the church!

Someone suggests building new churches—anticipating that God will fill them. Would you find that idea ludicrous? What if the decision was to build 600 new churches across the country as you prepare for the Lord to bring people through the doors?

This is actually happening right now in the Papua New Guinea Union Mission! Ahead of the Total Member Involvement (TMI) meetings in May 2020, church members have compiled lists of people to pray for, and are reaching out to them ahead of the meetings. In one mission conference alone, more than 50,000 people are currently enrolled in Bible studies. With this much enthusiasm, people are joining the church ahead of the meetings and 600 faith-built churches have already been filled!

We’re expecting an influx of tens of thousands of new members, and there’s a great need to have more churches built so these new believers can worship together with fellow brothers and sisters. We anticipate the need to build 2,000 churches over the next year to accommodate and nurture these new members. This is set to be the largest evangelistic series in the history of the church, and we need to be ready!

For $1,500, you can sponsor a new church to be built in Papua New Guinea. However, your donation of any amount will make a tremendous impact in keeping our believers connected to their newfound faith.

Thank you for your prayerful contribution for AWR360°’s Churches for Papua New Guinea project. You will provide a welcoming church home for your new brothers and sisters in Christ!

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