In Their Own Words

Someone Is Praying for Me

Dear pastors and fellow brothers at AWR Voice of Hope:

Greetings and peace. I have owed you much. The past years, I have counted on your prayers and your website to help me pass through many difficulties. Besides thanking the Lord, I also thank you. Though we have not met, it was your prayers and help that led me to feel the love of the Lord.

As a single parent having a daughter with depression and suicidal inclination, I felt the sky was to collapse on me. It was your prayers that made me feel there is someone praying for me in some part of the world. The Lord has cared for my daughter time after time. Though there were times when things were almost at risk and danger, my daughter lived through all of them. Later on, she completely recovered from her depression.

When she was nine years old, she joined the junior choir and served the Lord for many years. During her high school years, she moved away from the Lord. She became sick, with a dying spiritual life, and was rebellious and difficult to teach. In those times, it was your prayers and many others that saved her, and the Lord healed her of her sickness. I also dedicated her to the Lord, asking that she would give all her life to serve Him.

Now she is a volunteer worker in church, teaching children to sing hymns. I get together with people on the Internet to serve brothers and sisters in need, and I am also spreading the gospel. December 15 was the day we gathered together to preach, but we found that my daughter was severely ill with pneumonia. On January 22, we again prepared to go out preaching the gospel, but that day my daughter was ill again. But whatever we come across as we preach, we will never be intimidated. May the Lord bless our family as we work for Him, and bless our family to have good health, so that we may fight the good battle without any concerns.


— Mrs. W., AWR listener in China

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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