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“Thanks to Radio Maranatha I’m free and saved”

Some people have questioned either the applicability or impact of radio evangelism by expressing their incredulity on this communication strategy describing it as ineffectual and resources allocated to as superfluous.

From a sprawling high density compound of Nakoli in Kabwe, Central Zambia lives Pephias Chongo’s whose testimony sets the tone of how potent radio evangelism is and brought about a new beginning in his life.

Listening to a recent live radio crusade broadcast by Radio Maranatha – AWR 360 every evening Pephias resisted the urge to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour as well as the Sabbath truth. For more than a week Pephias mocked the crusade attendees while considering himself as one who will never tolerate the idea of becoming a Christian.

As days went on he did not understand why the crusade continued attracting his attention as he would tune in to listen to the sermons against his desire.


This dream troubled me. It also encouraged me to learn more from the crusade.

“One night after listening to the crusade I went to sleep and had a dream which troubled me. I saw two groups of people assembled in two different places. In one group I saw a lot of people which even included Presidents of different nations, pastor’s and some famous people while the other group was small. I was in the big group and I asked why? Someone replied saying we’re in the big group because of our sins while those ones over there in the small group are the saved ones as they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord,” he said.

“This dream troubled me. It also encouraged me to learn more from the crusade. One day I heard the preacher make a call while I was at home. Again I resisted what I believe was the Holy Spirit, I was filled with anger and rage therefore accepting Jesus Christ was going to make it difficult for me to from killing some people who had done bad things to me. But then the preacher kept on asking people to accept Jesus Christ and a voice said to me that I should forgive those that hurt me for me to move from the unrighteous to the saved group of God’s people,” he said.

“I was then filled with sorrow and grief over my sinful life while tears freely flowed down my chicks. I went to ask for forgiveness from three people I had a grudge against and other people who had wronged me to the extent of thinking of committing murder,” he said.

Having forgiven and seeking for forgiveness, Pephias revealed that it was still not easy for him to walk to the crusade site as something unexplainable kept on discouraging him from doing so.

“Again I reached for my small radio, switched it on and I heard the preacher saying it was me they were waiting for to get my salvation. I then hurried to get here at the crusade while tears streamed down my face. I was welcomed and given some literature. I was set free from all my sins such that when I returned home that night I was liberated from all the guiltiness of my life. Thanks to Radio Maranatha I’m free and saved,” he said.
Pephias further revealed that “I again had the same dream and heard a voice saying with a great voice of assurance that I had been moved from the multitude of people detained for eternal destruction to a small group of people who keep God’s Commandments.”

“I have made up my mind never to go back to my old ways of life. Now I have peace and my baptism is testimony to the people that I’m a changed man. At the same time I am pledging to my God that I will never get back to my old way of life. The live radio crusade sermons have enabled God to transform my life,” he said.

Pephias thanked Radio Maranatha – AWR 360 for bringing the gospel into his living room an opportunity he never though would be a game changer in his life.

“I have one request to make through your radio station,” he said with a great sigh of relief “that people must repent because this world is coming to an end. Since Jesus Christ has told us to forgive one another I want to urge everyone to forgive those that have wronged them and seek for forgiveness from people they have wronged. This is the beginning of real peace of mind and solid relationship with God,” he said.

AWR which broadcasts as Radio Maranatha in Zambia recently concluded a two week campaign themed “Jesus Our Saviour” in collaboration with Midlands Zambia Conference and Bwacha SDA Church. The Conference President Dr. TS Namitondo was the main speaker.

Over 100 people were baptized and a new congregation called Maranatha has been organized. Today, Pephias is a reliable member of the choir and one of the strong members of Maranatha SDA Company in Kabwe, Zambia.

Written by Nalumino Nalumino

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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