The Telly Awards

Adventist World Radio Nominated for 2 “People’s Telly” Awards – Cast Your Vote Today!

The Telly Awards “honor excellence in video and television across all screens,” and the “People’s Tellys” are their rarest awards, with the final winners chosen by the voting public. This year, some People’s Telly nominees include videos by organizations like the NBA, NBC, Berkeley, Samsung, USC, the City of Atlanta, Delta Airlines . . . and TWO by Adventist World Radio!

Adventist organizations aren’t frequently represented in the People’s Telly, so we encourage you to cast your 5-star vote for both of these videos. It takes just a minute to create an account on the site, and once you do, simply click on the links below to make your vote count. If AWR wins one or both of these awards, even more people will learn about how the Gospel is being spread around the world!