Total Member Involvement-Style Evangelism in Tanzania Leads to 30,000 Baptisms!

In June 2021, Adventist World Radio radio stations “hosted” 3,000+ evangelistic sites throughout Tanzania during a massive three-week event.

For nearly a month, evangelistic messages were broadcast live from Dodoma—the capital city of Tanzania—and relayed to thousands of sites throughout the country.

AWR FM radio, social media and TV, in tandem with traditional face-to-face preaching, resulted in more than 30,000 baptisms—an average of 10 people per site.

AWR’s FM radio stations played a significant role as nightly messages sped their way across Tanzania. The Adventist Morning Star FM station based in Dar Es Salaam, coupled with AWR’s recently purchased Rock FM station (as in “Rock of Ages”) connected to AWR-supported relay sites across the country.

It was “all hands on deck” as church members in both the southern and northern unions of Tanzania joined together for one of the largest evangelistic efforts ever undertaken in the country. That’s true Total Member Involvement (TMI)-style radio evangelism!

The main speaker based at the Dodoma site was South Tanzania Union President Mark Walwa Malekana. Each powerful sermon of hope was preceded by a message of holistic health.

Local church members engaged in compassionate ministry in their communities, such as visiting the poor in the slums of Dodoma—listening to them and providing financial aid. 

One group met an elderly woman who made her living by collecting used bottles from dump yards. The volunteers built a small shelter for her and gave her some money, and they were surprised and delighted when she began attending the meetings. On Sabbaths, she even started giving tithe from her meager income. At the end of the meetings, she was one of the 30,000 baptized.

To God be the glory!

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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