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Andrés had an addiction he couldn’t break. Cigarettes controlled his life, and alcohol was a close second. When he learned he would soon be a father, he decided to change, but once his son was born, he felt powerless to do so, no matter how hard he tried.

It got so bad that often when he went to buy groceries, all he returned home with was cigarettes. He smoked 60 a day, and when he wasn’t smoking, he was drinking.

His wife couldn’t stand what he’d become, and the day came when Andrés thought of suicide. He confided his problem to a friend, who gave him a radio and suggested he listen to a certain Christian radio station. But Andrés soon lost interest in that station and began scanning for other programming. That’s when he stumbled onto one of our Adventist World Radio stations.

What he heard was different from anything he’d heard before, and Andrés felt a sense of peace wash over him. Soon, he was listening every day, and when they offered Bible lessons, he immediately signed up to receive them. Then he heard of a plan to stop smoking in five days, and hope sprung in his heart. Could he do it?

Watch Andrés’ incredible journey and transformation below. Whenever we invest in the salvation of others, it never returns to us void. It’s the greatest investment we can make! That’s what Adventist World Radio is all about—sharing hope with a world in despair, because Jesus is coming soon, and that’s the best news of all!

—Duane McKey, President

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