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Something was different in Tarin’s house, and he couldn’t put his finger on it. He had been away for months and had returned to a home where his wife and children seemed happier, and there was an atmosphere of peace he’d never felt before.

For years, Tarin had been a rebel fighter in the New People’s Army on the island of Mindoro, Philippines. He knew no other way of life. But now something strange and new was happening in his home. He soon learned that his little family had been listening to a wonderful new radio program from (you guessed it) Adventist World Radio!

Tarin loved the new happiness in his home, but how could he change and abandon the life of a fighter he’d always known? What happened next can only be described as a miracle, because just at the right moment, God sent him a message—and He used Adventist World Radio to do it!

Watch this video and be inspired. Tarin is one of the Former Rebels now Fully Restored!

—Duane McKey, President

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