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This video is significant to all of us at Adventist World Radio. It has a special place in our hearts for two reasons:

1) It’s the story of one of the very first villages in Mindoro to accept the Adventist message—a story that would be repeated over and over until today, there are more than 300 Adventist villages! Something we could never have imagined when this video was first filmed.

2) It’s also the story of how the children of one Sabbath School class in America, when they heard about this village and the need for Bibles, responded and made a huge difference thousands of miles away. This story, too, has been repeated over and over as many more churches and families have united to make a real difference.

That’s why I love to say that it’s only as we work together for the salvation of others that amazing miracles like those in Mindoro happen—and I love it when God uses Adventist World Radio—and you—to do it!

Yours in the Blessed Hope,
Duane McKey | AWR President

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