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Michael’s vegetable garden was his pride and joy. It provided him with a source of income and made him a respected businessman. But one night, intruders invaded his garden, destroying his profits and threatening his future.
There was only one thing to do. He would have to stand guard every night to protect his plants. But the nights were long, and his radio became his constant companion. That’s when he heard a station he hadn’t heard before. They were talking about Jesus, and it awakened a distant memory from his youth.
When he heard a program on faith, he decided to test God. What happened next was so amazing that his neighbors accused him of witchcraft.
Watch the video below for the spectacular conclusion of the miracle of Michael’s garden. It’s a video that won Adventist World Radio a coveted Silver Telly Award and changed Michael’s life forever—along with 30 of his friends and family!

And you guessed it—God used Adventist World Radio to do it!
Yours in the Blessed Hope,

Duane McKey

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