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One thing we especially enjoy during our staff meetings at Adventist World Radio is recounting the stories we receive on a daily basis from around the world. There is rejoicing and praise—and sometimes tears—as we share what God is doing and the lives that are being changed through the ministry of AWR.

Below is another video compilation with just a few of these stories. They include:

00:00 Reyna

Meet Reyna. Enticed and allured by city life, she leaves her village home with a backpack. A businessman observed that she was overwhelmed and vulnerable. He promised her everything she wanted to hear, but Reyna’s perfect dream quickly turned into a terrifying nightmare. Isolated in a room, he paid her with a radio instead of money for food. This turned out to be her saving grace. She found comfort in AWR’s message of a Savior who accepts all who come to Him. She planned her escape and was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church as her refuge, God’s timing is perfect.

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00:44 Ruben

Meet Ruben. Hit by a bus, his life was turned upside down. While hospitalized for months, he lost everything, including hope. Filled with despair, he returned home in a wheelchair. The depths of depression took him to the kitchen knife drawer. He drew the knife and was about to take his life when the radio suddenly changed stations, peace overcame him as he heard the first test broadcast of the new AWR station. This began Ruben’s journey to being baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. God’s timing is perfect.

Watch the rest of Ruben’s story

01:23 Tricia Mae

Meet Tricia Mae. At a young age, her parents traded her for drug money to an old man. She learned to fear him. As Tricia grew older, his control of her dominated all her emotions. She was always in a constant state of dread, for even the littlest mistakes resulted in pain. Tricia became intrigued by the neighbor’s radio. The sound of peaceful music filled her with hope. Our AWR broadcaster received her call pleading for help. Immediately, she was rescued from her captor. Now a baptized member, she shines for God, bringing others out of darkness. God’s timing is perfect. – From broadcast to baptism, this is AWR360°.

Watch the rest of Tricia Mae’s story

These stories and many more are the reason we exist as a ministry—to share the gospel of the kingdom with every nation, kindred, tongue and people. What a privilege and what a responsibility!

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