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When he was just 19 years old, Martin had joined the communist rebel forces on the island of Mindoro, Philippines, and had known no other life. For the next 19 years, he built a reputation as a cold-blooded assassin, fighting the Philippine government and becoming a commander general in the New People’s Army.

But in 2017, when AWR became a dominant broadcast on the island, Martin, along with his fellow rebels, began to listen. A year passed, and Martin grew aware of a gradual change in his men. One by one, they were coming forward, asking permission to be baptized—they wanted to join the church of Adventist World Radio!

Martin also felt that burning desire in his heart. He’d listened to the broadcasts and longed to give his life to Jesus and surrender. But there were 13 warrants out for his arrest, and he was on the “most wanted” list. Would AWR be able to negotiate a surrender to the authorities for him?

Watch this brand-new video, where Cami shares the saga of the rebels of Mindoro and the stunning conclusion of their amazing transformation.

God brought about an amazing miracle on the island of Mindoro—and I love that He used Adventist World Radio to do it!


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