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The best gifts are the ones given with thought behind them—the ones where it’s clear the person giving the gift knows the recipient well. Did you know that the greatest gift of your life has already been given, and that it came at the highest cost?

The Bible tells us that “the wages of sin is death,” but God in His love for us gave us a solution: Christ died so that we could be forgiven. That ultimate sacrifice can be ours free of charge. And it’s available to everyone, no matter what we’ve done or how undeserving we may feel. Don’t miss this brand-new episode at!

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About Duane McKey
Duane McKey is president of Adventist World Radio (AWR360°), which uses shortwave radio, national radio networks and local FM stations to reach more than three-quarters of the world with inspiring Bible-based messages in local dialects.

Duane’s passion for sharing Jesus with others started at a young age, and during his decades in ministry, he has lived and worked in Nebraska, Michigan, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Maryland, France, Russia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Through his positions in church leadership and outreach, he has held public meetings on all inhabited continents, resulting in hundreds of thousands coming to know Jesus. He loves sharing inspirational stories of how God is working around the world to touch hearts and change lives.

Duane grew up on a dairy farm in Oklahoma, and met his wife, Kathy, at Union College in Nebraska. They have two married children and three grandsons. Duane received his D.Min. degree from Andrews University, and his live events, broadcasts and books have been translated into multiple languages.

In his free time, Duane enjoys bird watching, reading and walking with his wife. Learn more about Duane and AWR360° at

About Earth’s Final Countdown
Where is this world headed? Is it coming to an end? Do you need hope, especially during these uncertain times? Join us on this amazing journey through the Bible to find answers you can trust. Earth’s Final Countdown will help you understand the keys to Bible prophecy—revealing the truth about the mark of the beast, near-death experiences, the rapture, the apocalypse, and much more. You will find hope and security for the future!


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