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Sleep is significant to our health, but many people are deprived of it. Our world today is filled with distractions and less-than-ideal conditions that keep us from rest. Here are life-saving pointers we need to consider when we think about sleep:

Sleep and the Body
Did you know that the amount of sleep we get can play a direct role in obesity, hypertension, diabetes and cancer?

Our slumber plays an influential role in energy homeostasis. Studies have shown that the circulating level of a protein hormone called leptin is influenced by sleep duration. Leptin is responsible for telling the brain how much fat should be stored in the body’s fat cells. The «starvation hormone» or «satiety hormone» regulates fat storage and calorie consumption.

People with prolonged, insufficient sleep develop leptin resistance. This condition disables the leptin signal, making the brain erroneously think that the body is starving. Studies have shown that those who are obese have very high leptin levels with leptin resistance. Thus, they always feel hungry and burn fewer calories.

Medical professionals encourage adults to go to bed by 10 p.m. to experience optimal healing and restoration.

Sleep, the Mind and Relationships
Studies also noted that poor sleep can also cause irritability, anger and violence.

Indeed, sleep deprivation can adversely affect mental wellness, which in turn can impact our spiritual life.

It’s worth noting that God created rest for us. He rested not because He was tired, but because He wanted to spend quality time with His children. The real object of Sabbath rest is to encourage relationships—especially our relationship with God.

Peaceful Sleep
While we can’t free ourselves of all our concerns, we can fall asleep in the knowledge that we can rest in Him, and He will take care of everything.

Join Dr. Lela Lewis and her friends as they discuss practical realities about sleep. Learn and be inspired to get that power nap!

Special Guests:

Dr. Troy Anderson is board certified in neurology, sleep medicine and bariatric medicine. He is affiliated with HonorHealth John C. Lincoln Medical Center, Saint Joseph Hospital & Medical Center, HonorHealth Deer Valley Medical Center, Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center and Abrazo West Campus.

Pastor Louis Torres is an internationally acclaimed speaker, evangelist, author, trainer and musician. He has a Doctorate of Ministry, Doctorate of Humane Letters and Masters in Public Health. He has published more than 10 books and is also the co-founder and director of Black Hills Lifestyle Medical Institute while serving as an administrator with the Seventh-day Adventist Church for many years.

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