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I’ve just returned from the most amazing experience of my life in the front lines of evangelism!

As many of you know, five years ago, AWR launched a new radio station on the island of Mindoro, Philippines. Our plan was to cover the whole island with the full, no-holds-barred Adventist message.

We felt a miracle was taking place when village after village began calling the station to request baptism—they wanted to become Seventh-day Adventists! Massive baptisms followed as thousands gave their lives to Jesus.

We were overjoyed and thought our job was done on that island. But unbeknownst to us, there were communist assassin rebel groups deep in the mountains listening to the programs! For 50 years they had been waging war against the government to overthrow the current system. Then one day, two years ago, the top rebel leaders contacted our station. They, too, had been listening and wanted to give their hearts to Jesus.

The rest is history, and just two weeks ago, we flew to Mindoro to witness their baptism. Hundreds of rebels—including the top generals—gave their lives to Jesus. But that’s not all, because in that baptismal group were several military leaders who have been working with us to reintegrate the rebels into society. They listened to the messages, witnessed the transformations and were moved to also take a stand!

Here is a short video filmed on location, where I share the joy we all felt during this incredible celebration. It’s the greatest calling to lead others to Jesus—and I love it when He uses Adventist World Radio to do it!

Yours in the Blessed Hope,

Duane McKey

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