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Right now I’m in Papua New Guinea (PNG) with Elder Ted Wilson for one of the largest medical/evangelistic events we’ve ever witnessed. Amazing things are taking place!

This weekend, more than 3,000 evangelistic meetings are set to begin throughout the country. Already, 50,000 people have been baptized as a result of the small group Bible studies, and another 600,000 more are expected by the time next year rolls around.

This past week, our AWR medical team treated more than 10,000 people who pre-registered to receive free medical treatment, from cataract surgeries to teeth extractions to serious medical issues. One man was overjoyed at being able to see his wife and children again after 18 years of blindness—thanks to a sight-saving surgery!

There is so much happening around the world that this week’s video features a few highlights from different places, including PNG, but also Israel, the Philippines and beyond. Watch the video below where I interview Pastor Robert Dulay, our AWR Asia-Pacific regional director as we recount some recent highlights.

God is at work all around the world, touching hearts and changing lives—and I love it when He uses Adventist World Radio to do it!

Yours in the Blessed Hope,

Duane McKey



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