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One of my favorite authors once said, “If you talk darkness, you will have plenty of darkness, but if you talk light, you will have an abundance of light.”

When we look back on our life, do we see the hardships and disappointments, or do we recall the amazing mercies of God?

Recently, my wife Kathy and I were remembering some of those mercies, and there were plenty—especially when you agree to a stint in the mission field! Through the years, those mercies have grown and expanded—until today we are seeing miracle after miracle!

Watch the video below where I share just a few of the miracles we’re experiencing at Adventist World Radio. God is an expert in lost causes—from our airline tickets of long ago to the millions who were once in darkness and today are seeing the light of God’s amazing grace for the first time.

What a privilege and what an opportunity to “talk light” and share the best news of all—that Jesus is coming soon!

—Duane McKey, President


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