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In the early 1860s, there was a gold-prospecting camp near Sacramento called Roaring Camp. It was comprised of only men except for one lone woman—Cherokee Sal.

The story is told that this woman became pregnant and bore a son, but she herself died in childbirth. Heartbroken, the men decided to raise the child themselves, and that’s when the miracle transformation began. That tiny defenseless child changed the men of Roaring Camp from unruly, unkempt drunkards, to clean, respectable men.

This month we remember another child born in humble circumstances—a child who changed not a camp, a town, or even a country—but the whole world. Because when Jesus comes into the heart, He changes everything.

That is our message. The light that shines from Bethlehem to the Cross is what guides Adventist World Radio today. And the hope of His soon return is the best news of all!

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