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This Sabbath, most of the world celebrates Christmas, “the happiest time of the year.” And while happiness may not be a part of those experiencing sorrow right now, we can all rejoice in the knowledge that Heaven sent us a Savior, and He will one day make all things right!

That is the plan of salvation in a nutshell—Heaven sent fallen man a Savior who is coming back soon! It’s the message Adventist World Radio beams daily around the world, and it’s the message that transformed the rebels on the island of Mindoro, Philippines.

When the communist rebels and assassins understood that there was hope and forgiveness for them, their joy knew no bounds. They gladly abandoned their former life and embraced their Savior, Jesus.

Here is a short video where I share a few of the moments lived on the island of Mindoro as we celebrated the victory of the gospel.

Yes, Jesus is the Star of Christmas, He’s the Star in the message Adventist World Radio shares with the world, and He’s the Hope that makes everything worthwhile.

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