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Someone once said that Moses spent the first 40 years in Egypt learning he was “somebody.” He then spent the next 40 years in the desert learning he was a “nobody,” and he spent the last 40 years learning what God can do with a “nobody.”

Robert Dulay had excelled in his studies, graduating at the top of his theology class. He hoped and prayed he would be assigned to a good district in the capital city of Manila. But alas, he was sent to one of the islands, where instead of a car or a motorcycle, he was given a horse!

For 18 years—and after seven horses—he labored in the jungle mountains, and while some might have thought his talent was wasted there, God was preparing him for one of the most amazing rides of his life! You see, Robert was working in Mindoro, and when we began airing our AWR programs on the island, it was his voice the rebels heard. He was the one the rebels approached to say they were listening to the messages and wanted to follow Jesus. They came to Robert when they wanted someone to negotiate their surrender to the authorities.

Watch this video, taped during our General Conference Session last month in St. Louis, where I share Robert’s story and the amazing miracle of Mindoro. And I love that God used Robert—and Adventist World Radio—to do it!

Yours in the Blessed Hope,

Duane McKey


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