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If you attended the General Conference Session in St. Louis earlier this month, or watched it on television or online, you had the privilege of witnessing the thrilling baptism of some of the top government military generals from Mindoro, Philippines.

Their baptism is yet another ripple effect from AWR’s radio programs on that island. And if you have been following the story of the miracles in Mindoro these last five years, you know this was an especially meaningful baptism.

What began as AWR’s efforts to blanket the island with the gospel message turned into an incredible triumph of God’s Word, as unbeknownst to us, rebel groups deep in the mountains of Mindoro heard and believed the messages. We didn’t know they were listening, but God’s Spirit reached them through AWR’s radio waves.

No one could have predicted the snowball effect from these messages that reached not only the people of Mindoro and the rebels in their hideaways, but the government military who were hunting them!

Watch this short video, where I share Elder Ted Wilson’s recounting of that amazing experience. The story of the island of Mindoro is a story of reconciliation—and I love that God used Adventist Word Radio to do it!

Yours in the Blessed Hope,

Duane McKey


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