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It all started with the “Question of the Day.”

The idea was simple, requiring people to call into the radio station with the answer to an on-air question from the prior day’s broadcast. This was 2017 in Mindoro, Philippines, and the ripple effects from that one idea are still being felt today!

Now we’re getting ready to do it again, but this time in all our key stations around the world! And what will the winners receive? A special edition of the Great Controversy, of course.

Things have been falling into place at lightning speed. There is a heightened interest in spiritual things as people sense something big is about to happen. Recently, I shared how just a few months ago, we inaugurated a new AWR station in Bogotá, Colombia, and soon after, more than 240,000 people had downloaded the app to listen on their cell phones. But that’s not all . . . another 37,000 have requested Bible studies!

God is doing something big, because something big is about to happen—and the world needs to know it! Hundreds of thousands of copies of this special book that sheds light on the history of the world from heaven’s perspective will be distributed, and I know the ripple effects will astound us.

This was predicted more than 150 years ago when Ellen White wrote, “Publications will be multiplied in different languages to be scattered like the leaves of autumn. Missions will be established in other nations, and then will the followers of Christ be indeed the light of the world.” (Review & Herald, September 8, 1874)

Watch this video, where I share a few of the highlights from this amazing project and what is happening around the world. We have to step out in faith and share this precious message. People are ready to hear it, and God is calling all who are willing. And yes, I especially love it when God uses Adventist World Radio to do it!

Yours in the Blessed Hope,

Duane McKey



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