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One day many years ago, while missionaries in the Congo, we were on our way to the airport when we passed by the body of a woman lying on the street. Our driver explained she had been struck and killed by a car. Later that day, on our way back, we came upon her body again! It was still there, now covered in flies while people walked by.

Many years have passed, but I never forgot the sight. If we could see this world as God sees it, the grief and suffering that sin has caused would stagger our mind. It is no wonder then that Jesus said there is such great joy in Heaven when a single soul is saved—because it makes Heaven’s sacrifice worthwhile!

God wants us to share in that joy—to work with Him in the saving of souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. That’s what AWR is all about. Nothing goes unnoticed by God—not the forgotten woman on the street, nor the tiny sparrow; not a single tear shed, and not any sacrifice made for the souls for whom Jesus died.

That’s why there is no greater joy than leading others to Jesus—and I love when God uses AWR to do it!

—Duane McKey, President


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