video thumbnail for Is Baptism Really Necessary? Play button Play video 50:30 September 2021 Is Baptism Really Necessary?

Is baptism really necessary? What does it signify? Should we be sprinkled or immersed? How does it relate to Jesus? Unfortunately, there is some confusion among Christians about baptism, but the Bible is clear. This study is designed to offer straightforward answers to the most commonly asked questions people have about baptism.

Baptism testifies of your conviction to follow Jesus and is integral to the life and faith of the Christian. It’s that conviction that drives you to live out your faith boldly and without trepidation.

This episode focuses on one of the most precious and important aspects of the Christian life. As such, this may be one of the most rewarding Bible study programs you’ll ever watch!

This is the 12th episode in the Prophecies of Hope series. Be sure to catch up with the previous free episodes if you missed them.


The Prophecies of Hope Bible study event is an in-depth Bible study series that provides insights into what the Bible says about the final days of earth’s history. Theologian, author and international speaker Louis Torres will open the Bible to provide you with a clear and simple understanding of the book of Revelation and Bible prophecy. You’ll find that the Bible predicts not only the end of earth as we know it, but also reveals the only way of escape—and a message of hope!

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