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Jesus knows what’s going on inside you. He knows that the heaviness from the weight of sin is debilitating. It causes mental breakdowns, emotional crippling, and even physical deterioration. Overall health and well-being are adversely affected when we carry guilt. As long as there is unresolved guilt within us, our quality of life is compromised on all levels.

The pages of the Bible reflect an understanding of human complexity, and penetrate into the deep mental, emotional and moral issues we all deal with.

This is the fifth episode in the Prophecies of Hope series. Be sure to catch up with the previous free episodes if you missed them.


The Prophecies of Hope Bible study event is an in-depth Bible study series that provides insights into what the Bible says about the final days of earth’s history. Theologian, author and international speaker Louis Torres will open the Bible to provide you with a clear and simple understanding of the book of Revelation and Bible prophecy. You’ll find that the Bible predicts not only the end of earth as we know it, but also reveals the only way of escape—and a message of hope!

Join Pastor Torres as he shares more about the signs of the end of times.

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