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This master class will cover the Sabbath Day as found in the fourth commandment. It will trace its history all the way from creation through the history of Israel into New Testament times. It will also look at the benefits for Christians today.

The world has increasingly forgotten about God and His ways. How is that possible? The answer is found in a day, which is the Authentic Seal. #TheSabbathDay

This is the fifth episode in the AWR Master Class series called Unlocking Bible Prophecies. You can follow the series and interact LIVE at:

Ten years ago, Cami Oetman had a real encounter with God that would change her life forever. She was a successful entrepreneur at the time, and the transition wasn’t easy. However, the truth Cami will share in this series was so compelling that she knew every human being in the world should experience the love of Jesus as she had.

Within three years, she had preached 350 Bible presentations. Today, as a vice president for Adventist World Radio, Cami travels the world documenting the miracles that take place when people give their hearts to Jesus.

It may seem difficult to imagine yourself understanding Bible prophecy. Cami couldn’t either. She had spent two decades in the modeling world—in front of and behind the camera. She had also used her master’s degree in social work to care for hospice patients. She then started a successful retail business. But no one can predict how they will react when they have a real experience with God!

Have you ever wondered why people would put a seal on a letter or other document? What does it stand for?

A seal bears the name, title and territory of its owner and conveys authority and ownership to the receiver of the message. In ancient times, wax seals were often used on contracts or treaties as an identifying mark of authority and authenticity. Did you know that God uses a “seal” to identify His followers and mark them for redemption? Surely, humans won’t receive a wax seal on their foreheads . . . so what is this seal?

The Sabbath is the seal of a commitment and a relationship. By observing the Sabbath, God’s followers show they belong to Him. So, how do you observe the Sabbath and when is it?

Humans are the only created beings that can discern right from wrong, and the part of our

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