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Join Cami Oetman of Adventist World Radio for Unlocking Bible Prophecies International! This series, which originally debuted in 2020 and has already received more than 7 million views, is now available in more than 40 languages!

Think of this as a master class in Bible study and Bible prophecy. Whether you’ve never before cracked open a Bible, or have been studying it all your life, you’ll gain new insights from this series!

By looking at Revelation and Daniel, as well as other books of the Bible, you’ll find that the Bible itself clearly unlocks the mysteries of Bible prophecies. This will transform what may feel like a confusing book into something clear and understandable. In fact, after this course, Revelation may become one of your favorite books of the Bible!

Above all, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Jesus’ love for you, and emerge with an even closer relationship with Him. Register and receive exclusive content at

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