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Do you open the Bible and not know where to start? Would you like to have a more meaningful relationship with Jesus? Join me as I share seven simple Bible study tips that will help you grow with God in His Word, providing you with rich, life-changing blessings.

I will walk you through step-by-step how I study my Bible, and from scripture, share why there is power in each of these steps. Before you even open your Bible, there are essential things we must do to help us get the most out of this time in God’s Word. As you apply these seven easy Bible study tips, your Bible study life will grow immensely, and you will come to understand these Bible stories you read more deeply and how they have meaning for your life today.

— Meet Cami Oetman

I travel the world recording miracle stories and testimonies of lives that God has changed through the transforming power of His Word. I am passionate about bringing the Word of God to life for all those that want to hear it as I have seen the power of it in my own life.

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