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Why reconciliation matters - part 1


Reconciliation is a heart decision, and many times a hard one.

How do we truly know if we’ve forgiven a person in our heart? How do we reconcile our differences, especially among our family members?

Most of us inevitably struggle to forgive. But we know we have to. Reconciliation and forgiveness don’t mean that doing wrong is okay. It’s more about renewing a relationship with people to gain a better footing. Besides, we shouldn’t have to carry the baggage of hostility.

Let’s remember that forgiveness AND reconciliation are the best gifts we can give to any transgressor. Christ, although innocent, gave us an example to follow. He forgives our sins with lovingkindness, without boundaries. As the forgiven ones, why don’t we pass this on?

Join Dr. Lela Lewis and her guests, Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel and Pastor John Lomacang, to learn three potent ways to achieve reconciliation.

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