• Ways to Listen

    Our radio broadcasts can be heard by approximately three quarters of the world’s population. Online programs are accessible worldwide.

  • Computer

    Listen directly on or subscribe to our podcasts.

  • Mobile

    Carry our podcasts with you everywhere.

  • Radio

    Tune in to FM or shortwave, depending on your location.

  • Solar Players

    We preload these devices for use in hard-to-reach areas.

  • Call to Listen

    Access our programs via exclusive phone numbers.

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  • Reaching Listeners

  • Local Coverage

    FM radio serves local communities

  • Regional Coverage

    shortwave signals can travel thousands of miles

  • Global Coverage

    podcasts are accessible worldwide

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  • Our Program Content

    Programs are provided by local producers in about 70 countries, who create contextualized content in more than 100 languages.

  • Hope for Life

    Time after time, people tell us that AWR brings them desperately-needed comfort and healing.

  • Bible Studies

    Many listeners – from diverse cultures – are hearing the name of Jesus for the very first time on our programs.

  • Relationships

    Christ’s power can transform not only listeners’ lives, but also their relationships with those around them.

  • Health

    From interviews with health professionals to call-in programs, we help listeners improve their quality of life.

  • Children's Stories

    Children are our future … let’s teach them well.

  • Music

    Inspiring or soothing, Christian music touches a deep chord.

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Many listeners find AWR’s broadcasts by accident, while tuning in to other frequencies.