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One of the most moving stories we have shared is that of Wisam Ali, an Arab born to a powerful Muslim family. The circumstances of his life are both heart-wrenching and deeply inspiring.

Like a brand plucked from the fire, God took Wisam from the life that he knew, and shaped him into what He wanted him to be. Today Wisam is an Adventist pastor ministering to the Arab community in Israel.

His story is still ongoing, and his ministry is an adventure of faith. Wisam has partnered with Adventist World Radio to take the Adventist message to the Arab world—and the miracles continue!

Here is the first installment of Wisam’s incredible journey of faith and victory in Jesus. God is calling people from every nation, kindred, tongue and people—all who are willing to respond and unite in proclaiming that Jesus is coming soon! And that’s what AWR is all about!

Yours in the Blessed Hope,
Duane McKey

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