A Steady Voice in Haiti

The Bible contains numerous stories of people who quietly went about their business, doing good works and asking little in return … especially grand accolades. Nevertheless, even the most humble souls get a boost from having their efforts recognized, which is why we’re so pleased to feature the 32nd anniversary of 87.9 FM in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

“La Voix de l’Espérance has been a steady station for all of these years, thanks to the vision of the leadership of the church in Haiti and their church members,” says AWR president Dowell Chow. “They have really sustained the station for this whole time. Both the station and the members have many needs and have to work with very little. But the station staff use whatever they have very profitably and do a good job.”

The station was undamaged by the tragic 2010 earthquake, and it provided a tremendous service to the community by conveying messages to and from displaced people. As well, staff pitched in to help the 22,000 refugees who settled for months on the campus of Haitian Adventist University, where the station is located.

One of 87.9 FMs major challenges is sourcing power; electricity is intermittent, but fuel for generators is extremely costly, so staff hope to make arrangements for solar energy. The station operates two repeater stations in Cap-Haïtien and Gonaïves, but the roads to reach that equipment are nearly impassable. Nevertheless, La Voix de l’Espérance is planning to restart its AM broadcasts, to reach further into the surrounding hills and the southern part of the country.

Under the leadership of Pastor Emmanuel Benoit, the young producers and technicians are presenting an excellent lineup of programs in French and Haitian Creole, including music that they have produced themselves in local churches.