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The pain and suffering of this world often cause people to question whether God really exists. Does He really care? We have gone through a worldwide crisis that has shaken many of us to our core. As we look around us, we see a world that is struggling—a world that is suffering. Is the world changing in such a way that a New World Order is coming soon?

Are you homesick for something more? Do you sense that history is going somewhere and that this place is not your ultimate home?

It has been proven that the only predictions that will come to fruition are found in the Bible. One prophecy that has stood the test of time over the last 2,600 years originated in Babylon—modern-day Iraq—when Daniel interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, foretelling the rise and fall of world powers. His dream showed the sequence of events leading up to Jesus’ Second Coming. Several people have tried to rebuild Babylon, including Napoleon, Alexander the Great and even Saddam Hussein. But all these efforts were unsuccessful because the Bible clearly states that Babylon will never be rebuilt.


The Amazing Prophecies Bible study event is an in-depth Bible study series that provides insights into what the Bible says about the final days of earth’s history. Theologian, evangelist and international speaker Dr. Kyle Allen, vice president for Adventist World Radio, will decipher the Bible (using the Bible itself!) to provide an incredibly clear and simple understanding of the book of Revelation and Bible prophecy.

Join Dr. Kyle Allen on this life-changing journey as together we unravel the amazing prophecies of the Bible that affect you today.

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