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Does a literal hell exist? And will people be tormented in hell forever?

Throughout history, the topic of hell has been linked to eternal punishment. Sadly, the belief that a loving God would allow people to suffer in a literal hell for eternity has even led many people to give up on their faith.

Superstitions and human traditions have overshadowed the truth on this matter, but God’s truth always remains, even if it has been buried under many false beliefs. What you’ll learn in today’s episode will help you discern truth from lies, and reveal a God of love and mercy. Don’t miss it!


The Amazing Prophecies Bible study event is an in-depth Bible study series that provides insights into what the Bible says about the final days of earth’s history. Theologian, evangelist and international speaker Dr. Kyle Allen, a vice president for Adventist World Radio, will decipher the Bible (using the Bible itself!) to provide an incredibly clear and simple understanding of the book of Revelation and Bible prophecy.

Join Dr. Kyle Allen on this life-changing journey to unravel the amazing prophecies of the Bible that affect you today.

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