AWR Launches Georgian Podcasts

The Seventh-day Adventist presence in the country of Georgia is very small, with barely 300 church members. But Georgian Adventists Emzari and Eka Chrikishvili have taken on the responsibility of creating podcasts for AWR, to share the gospel with their people.

To begin with, they are focusing on health, family topics, and childhood education. “The Orthodox Church is dominant, and people are very traditional,” says Vigen Khachatryan, Media Center director of the Transcaucasus Union Mission. “Local radio stations provide only entertainment-oriented programs, and there has never been any Adventist radio broadcasting. We would like to be heard on local stations, but so far it is impossible.”

Georgia was formerly under the Soviet Union, but now its 4.5 million citizens are working to establish their own democratic system. In the past, the country suffered from chronic energy shortages, but today it is successfully upgrading its sizable hydropower capacity and building oil and gas pipelines that will capitalize on Georgia’s strategic location between Europe and Asia.

“The Internet is a very powerful means of evangelism, so we are very happy to work with AWR to make these programs available not only to Georgians throughout the country but also around the world,” says Pastor Khachatryan. “We are looking forward to developing our own website, through which we hope to attract additional listeners and interact with them.”

AWR president Dowell Chow says, “It is exciting to see that not long after our advisory meetings in Georgia, producers Emzari and Eka are now recording programs to reach the people in their own language! This has been made possible through the visionary leadership and support of the officers of the Trans-Caucasus Union Mission and the Georgian Mission. A new day has come to Georgia, and AWR is happy to be a partner in this venture.”

All of AWR’s podcasts are available through and iTunes.

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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