Giving Twice

At 90 years of age, Carole spends four days a week at the nursing home. No, not as a patient, but as the director of nursing services! And given that nursing homes were hit especially hard this past year, on a daily basis, she ensures that housekeeping has sanitized every single surface in her facility.

Carole believes that her long life is a result of trust in God, healthful living and putting others ahead of herself. That’s why most weekdays find her hard at work, and all Sabbaths find her in church.

Carole has been a sustaining Adventist World Radio supporter for the past nine years. “I really believe in what AWR is doing,” she explains. “I know that the message of Jesus’ love must go to the whole world—to give the opportunity of salvation to every nation, kindred, tongue and people, and then Jesus will come. I’m anxious to see my Savior. I think my giving to AWR helps speed that magnificent event.”

That’s why she recently contacted Adventist World Radio to ask about a charitable gift annuity. No, not an annuity for herself, but one for her 65-year-old daughter, Margaret.

Many people are aware of what a charitable gift annuity is: a contract between a charity—in this case, Adventist World Radio—and a donor. In exchange for an asset (either cash or investments), the donor receives a guaranteed income for their life, or for two lives. A two-life charitable gift annuity is especially productive for a husband and wife—making sure that even if one passes, their income will remain stable.

But many are not aware that an annuity can be taken out for another person. In this case, Carole wished to guarantee an income for her daughter, Margaret, who lives with her. The income would begin now, but would continue even if Carole passed away.

At the end of Margaret’s life, whatever money is left in the annuity after providing a lifetime income for Margaret, will go to carry on the evangelistic work of Adventist World Radio—taking the Three Angels’ Messages to the most remote, dangerous and forbidding areas of the world.

Perhaps you would like to benefit Adventist World Radio and at the same time provide a steady income for a son or a daughter. If so, Adventist World Radio is here to assist you through the sometimes complicated document process.

A friendly AWR field representative is available to meet with you in your home or virtually to discuss details and assist in this win-win opportunity. Just visit us at

By Jeff Wilson

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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