“These Are the Children from My Dream!”

As the COVID-19 pandemic has circled the globe, the news of God’s love continues to spread faster than any virus ever could. In Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital city, an incredible miracle took place during the “100 Days of Prayer” held by AWR’s Kinshasa Station last year.

One evening, as the intercessory prayer team was praying live on the radio, a man by the name of Gracia, who lived in the heart of the city, was listening intently. Although he was extremely sick, he’d decided to turn on his radio, where he heard AWR for the first time.

As he listened, he wanted to pray along with the radio team. He fell to his knees, prayed their prayer, and added, “And please help me be completely healed.”

Incredibly, Gracia’s illness suddenly left him, and he felt the timing could not be a coincidence, although he had lingering fears that it might return. That night, he had a vivid dream in which he saw a round table surrounded by children and pastors. A man spoke to him in the dream and said, “Let these children pray for you, and the pastors will anoint you.”

When Gracia woke in the morning—feeling great—he decided he wanted to learn more about AWR’s Kinshasa Station. He listened all day, and after hearing the Total Member Involvement (TMI) program in the evening, he contacted the speaker, Pastor Georges Ntumba, and asked if they could meet the following day.

When they met, Gracia shared his dream, and Pastor Ntumba said, “That’s incredible! This intercessory prayer program is actually hosted by two pastors and some children. I’d like you to meet them.” As the children entered the room, Gracia exclaimed, “These are the children from my dream!”

Then Pastor Ntumba led him to the studio, at which point Gracia said, “This is the round table from my dream, where the pastors and children were sitting!”

The children sang to him, and the pastors prayed for him. Pastor Ntumba then asked Gracia if he understood the meaning of the anointing from his dream, and this led to a discussion about baptism and further Bible study.

Shortly thereafter, Gracia was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church and said with a wide smile and a thankful heart, “I am so happy to serve my God!”

By Pastor Georges Ntumba

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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