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We often like to call our AWR radio towers our “steel preachers,” because they beam God’s Word around the world—24 hours a day, seven days a week!

That was unheard of when the early disciples—anointed by the Holy Spirit— revolutionized the world of their time. And they had no technology, no means of transportation, and no resources. Imagine what God can do with today’s resources!

If I have learned anything throughout my years in ministry, it’s that God takes any effort made to reach others with His life-saving message, and expands it into something amazing, far beyond anything we could have done or imagined.

In this week’s AWR video, Armand from Madagascar says: “Sometimes people think that an Adventist came to teach us the truth, but that’s not so. Everything we know, we learned from the radio—and we are so grateful for Adventist World Radio!”

Jesus once said that stones could proclaim the message. For Armand, it was a steel preacher—one of our AWR radio towers—and God’s Spirit did the rest!

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