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Have you ever felt hopeless? We live in a world that seems to offer very little in the way of hope. We look around the world today and see that it seems to be falling apart. The second coming is a hope-filled promise from a loving Father to His children living in despair. It is the ultimate gift of peace in the midst of the pain and daily struggle we live through here on Earth.

In this episode of Unlocking Bible Prophecies: Digging Deeper, we will explore the promise that Christ has given that no matter our current trouble, whatever you face today, on this hopeless and helpless planet, His coming can give you hope!
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Pastor Chris Holland is a pastor, teacher and international speaker for Adventist World Radio. Over the course of 20 years of ministry, Chris has had the opportunity to serve in various capacities, including as Speaker/Director for It Is Written Canada. Chris has been involved in media ministry since his early undergraduate years in college where he was involved with both television and radio programs. It is his sincere desire to know Jesus more and to utilize the many media outlets to preach and teach God’s word with power. Since their marriage in 1996, Chris and his wife Debbie have served the Lord together and strive to do all that they can to fulfill His commission to take the Gospel to the “ends of the earth”.

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